only the coolest and most awesomest prettiest girl that when she gets bored she goes in her bathroom and plays rock paper siccors in the mirror and still losses
Guy 1:Dude that chick over there is such a Trujillo

Guy 2:ya dude i know i totally heard about that
by DAStephAnator March 20, 2009
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very beautiful place where marinera comes from
being peruvian is the greates thing in the world
Jose is from Trujillo, Peru
by 1235lo July 14, 2008
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ANTHONY IS A HOT GUY... I kid but true . He's half of chanthony. He has a YouTube channel with his best friend Chance Sutton he's hot too. A new member of team 10 HES BETTER THAN JAKE AND CHANCE IS BETTER THAN JAKE TOO PEACEEE
Girl1- have you seen chance and tessa's new vlog ?
Girl2 - have you seen Jake and team 10's new vlog?
Girl3 - have you seen Ericka's new vlog with Jake... again ?
Girl4 - bishhhh have you seen Chance and Anthony's new vlog it's better then all them suckers... well except CHESSA

by Amelie birlem August 1, 2017
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a sexy and elegant woman, graced with long brown hair and brilliant brown eyes. her movements, her voice, along with her sense of humor, she is perfection.
she's like...she's like... a Megan Trujillo. she's perfect
by asstwitch01 December 31, 2009
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Long dick ass nigga who will fuck your bitch as soon as he sees her but also loves his hoes. Isaiah is a guy who loves to smoke weed and chill with his boys
Did you see his dick? He has a Isaiah Trujillo dick
by Michael104479 September 6, 2015
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the coolest mother fucker youll meet, the kind of guy who has a huge cock. and is way cooler then lucas gallegos.
did you see sexy lawrence trujillo over there.
yea he looks way better then that fellow hes standing by (lucas)
by fumotherfucker October 1, 2009
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