the state of having a mullet
I went to SuperCuts last night and the bitch mulleted me!
by Hosie August 03, 2003
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you fall asleep at a random party, after drinking to much and you start to see racoons. you wake up at 6 in the morning dragging yourself to your apt. when you discover people are looking at you with fear in their eyes. when you finally come home and look in the mirror you discover that you have the worlds worst mullet. guess you just got mulleted.
by shmort March 22, 2009
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Pronounced "MUHL LET"

A hairstyle in which the front is cut trim, but the back is long, left wild and often uncut. Even when the back is cut, it is still longer than the front. It is the sign of the redneck. Alternate names include:

Ape Drape. Beaver Paddle. Bi - Level. Camero Cut. Buisness in the front, Party in the back. Canadian passport. Coupe Longveuil. El-camino. Hockey hair. Kentucky waterfall. Missouri comprimise. Mudflap. Neckwarmer. Ranchero. Shlonc (short + long). Achy-breaky-bad-mistakey. Soccer rocker. Squirrel pelt. Tennessee tophat. Yep-nope.

"My hobies are sexual harassment, taking advantage of intoxicated employees at company gatherings, browsing thru kiddie porn on company time (with stiffy)." - Guy with a giant mullet
by Slick Willie February 05, 2003
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Also known as Business in the front, Party in the back. May also be called a Tennesee Waterfall. Rarely spotted in the wild, there are several specimens to be found captive in trailer parks.
"Yeehaw! That's the biggest mullet I've ever seen!"
by SLOGAN December 06, 2002
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well, there are three known people who save the world and have a mullet.
-solid snake
-captain planet
- and, macgyver.
richard dean anderson is the man. he saves the world and has a mullet. he doesnt have it now, but he saves the world anyways in stargate sg-1.
by Zeonic Freak November 15, 2004
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The ideal haircut for a man/woman who is short on change...
Joe walks into the barbershop:

Joe: "How much for a full haircut?"

Barber: "$15 dollars for the whole head..."

Joe: "Well I only have $10, start at the front and give me my moneys worth..."

Result: Mullet
by Fangular May 07, 2005
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Nickname for the Miami Dolphins when they aren't playing well.
Bill: "You watching the Dolphins game on Sunday?"

Frank: "I don't know Bill, after losing that last game I'm about ready to give up on the Mullets. I'm just looking forward to the draft..."
by NicRattlehead August 11, 2015
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