Herstory: a word invented in the late 20th century to mean "history", that is, history not written by men but by women, hence "herstory" (her story) rather than "history" (his story). The word "herstory" was invented because certain people with feminist predelictions thought the word "history" means, literally, "his" "story", as if to mean the story belongs to him, male possessive pronoun. Naturally, any person who is even a tad more than illiterate will realize that the word "history" derives from the Greek word "historia", which means "to inquire into". Thus "history" has absolutely nothing to do with male possessions, or even maleness. It appears that illiteracy was the standard of the day, being that it was enough for the word to "sound like" male possession of the story, instead of looking into (inquire into?) the true meaning of the word (history, that is).
Her story (herstory) appears to have been omitted from the narrative because some neglected to look into the history of the word "history". The history of herstory is one of smug satisfaction with the condition of illiteracy.
by wingtai August 8, 2006
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Feminist version of the word "history".
Word is often used as an example of radical fememinism.
Joan of Arc was one of the greatest women in herstory.
by Jason February 6, 2005
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1. The aspects of the past which cannot be documented or recorded (in contrast to 'history,' which is what *can* be documented and recorded). 2. The portion of the past that cannot be conveyed rationally to whomever was not present to experience it. 3. The elements of experience which evade easy description, evoking a modality of expression known as poetry.
"The car accident happened October 8th, 1997 @ 10:30am. That's history. What isn't so easy to record is the herstory of the experience: the way the light appeared when I first opened my eyes after resuming consciousness; the way the medics so gently picked me up and laid me on a stretcher that I wasn't even aware of being moved, just of the lights and colors shifting around me. I can't really fully convey how it felt and the effect that it had on me at that time, but I can try!"
by SFIII April 28, 2013
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Seriously argue that discrimination against women and therefore should be replaced as herstory (hers + story) came from his mouth open because his + story history will cast their Shemini. That is what they called the history of the history of the term, but the men will, therefore, you have a new invention that will allow the story of the women of the baby only.

This means you come from a horse with a lot of older seniors hakdeok consulted whenever cause serious problems in the country in the ancient Greek polis countries 'histor'. So is the 'history' is derived from the right, which means 'the story of the wise' 'historia' words, the words can not break into his + story, because history is a single morpheme words. Therefore, the intention seems to be contained to gender and confrontation that led Confirming the composition analysis.

This phenomenon is also known as linguistic terminology is called etymology private settings (folk etymology). That refers to the phenomenon that is the analogy of the words and expressions are derived by the general populace is estimated unprofessional. Town came out in a single morpheme called 'Hamburg' 'hamburger' is made of a combination of continued expression 'believes that the origin is' in' Ham + buger '"hamburger fishbuger' you, 'cheeseburger' you, 'riceburger' your people will that is not recognized because it can not seem to many linguistic phenomena are also accepted.
It is also a book that contains the history of how the existing technology that is history (his + story) had no choice but to work in male dominated history (history), allowed the story (herstory), ie the female (her + story) a history of every chapter added by eye-catching.

History, that is, as history will know that the word may have in his story, his story is a meaning that much of human history has been written by men and is not an exaggeration center

Not allowed in the same story coming to life baeyeo here tonight, why even great sounding wail and women of history (history) is filled, not only in the history of men

As in history (History) Huh Story (Herstory). Has been updated by a female artist in the history of the men and women who had a monopoly they call heroes

Aimed at the 2-30 working women is causing such a blast being sold in major bookstores nationwide sales start a week in the last week launched 'Story (Herstory) allow' the monthly

Many women 'struggle to reach Equal Employment Act, the Clean Air Act prostitution sexual violence, family law amendment to be made from the Ministry of Gender Equality, also write down with exercise and anti-sex parents like Miss Korea Festival for safe road at walking exercise, female abortion protest joined the ranks of writing a new history through the 'language and festivals.
by I like Kimchi very much! August 19, 2014
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A specific body of work done by feminist scholars and researchers which attempts to reconstruct historical records believed to have been deliberately altered to exclude or denigrate the roles of women in history, politics, society and religion. Could be described as Feminist Revisionism
The First Sex, written by Elizabeth Gould Davis, was the first published work of Herstory, proposing an alternate reading of the historical record from a feminist perspective.
by Hestia Alexandra April 14, 2009
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Whenever a female goes out and creates new memories
It's the weekend again so let's go out and make HERstory!
*after all why should it be HIStory?
by tyrich June 1, 2009
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Do not mistake this for "Canada's History"

Canada's Herstory has recently become popular among Canadian college girls because we all know they have a sweet tooth...

Description: This ritual requires atleast two females and is very simple. Who ever the participants are must agree not to say "eh?" throughout the event. As soon as one person slips, she must start drinking from a bottle of maple syrup. She may only stop once another participant has successfully place a moose antler up her ass. It can be assumed she will throw up at some point in the night so have a replica of the stanley cup available.
"Canada's Herstory tonight? I guess if I can find my lucky antler and bottle of maple syrup."
by Charlie Fellowship February 5, 2010
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