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1. the top of a man's penis, or a hermaphodite's penis I guess as well. Also reffered to as a purple helmet.
2. A condom, as worn on the head of your penis, perhaps a more accurate term.
3. A kevlar, or plastic covering for your less important head, as worn while riding a motorcycle or visiting a construction site. Or oddly, enough, while exploring actual caverns. See spelunking.
Timmy, what have I told you about playing indoor sports without a helmet? Naughty boy!
by JamiSpoon May 23, 2003
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To play the game of Helmet means to touch everything with the tip of your penis. i.e. - to go up to your friend's toothbrush and rub your penis tip on it. Gross? Yes. Amusing? Not really.
by don_jaun_dela_nooch_cw August 25, 2003
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an individual who is in need of a helmet, for their mental capacity is so small that thoughts floating around can hurt their head, causing their brow to furrow. a slight tilting of the head is also common.
that guy over there is such a helmet. he told me that he would rather have the weekend in the middle of the week, because it would be nice to have a break.
by streetspirit January 23, 2003
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I was licking her mot and she was smoking me helmet.
by Bear January 23, 2003
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an often unappreciated and overlooked alternative rock band from the early to mid 1990s.
Helmet, sure put on a great show at the club last night!
by gus winslow August 12, 2003
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n. A parasite. Specifically a college guy you don't know who comes to your party early with lots of his helmet friends. They bring enormous cups for beer drinking and knock out half of the keg before anyone else shows up. They are nitwits. When women arrive, they cock block you either by talking directly to the women and making them think they are your friends, thus branding you a helmet, or acting like such idiots that they ruin the party and your rep, or by kicking the keg just as the women show up. Then they leave without pitching in for the next one.

Root: suggested root is the helmets football players wear; helmets show up at a party and behave much like a football team made up of losers and dorks.
Look at this f*cking helmet puking on my carpet. His beer is warm and flat because his cup is too big. He tried to rape my girlfriend in the bathroom. He broke the coffee table trying to dance on it. Now everybody is leaving. F*cking helmet.
by Chief Bootysmackah May 31, 2004
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A Helmet or a Helm is a total 100% dumbass who has no idea what he is talking about or doing
Dude WTF are you doing? You are such a Helmet
by hartferd August 08, 2010
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