the head of the penis. location on top of the shaft.
cletus whipped out his large purple helmet and started slapping david posey aggressively until she had a perminent mushroom maerk on her forehead
by tsaurpower March 21, 2003
the body part that spouts a funny-smelling liquid and sits at the top of a long (from my experience, anyway) rod of pleasure. coincidentally, it also resembles shawn williams's head.
hey look, shawn williams got the purple helmet haircut! let's go stroke his neck to see if he shoots his wad!
by negro June 11, 2003
The head of yo dick that looks like a fireman's hat.
Dseeamn, Jim's mom polished Richard's purple helmet with her tongue and made that shit all shiny. Then she stuck it in her cunt..haha!
by peanut butter jelly March 12, 2003
any large aggravated appendage located in the lower abdominal area...(male)...we hope...
by crap magnet May 25, 2003
A popular alcoholic drink served especially in the "Companion" hotel bar in the town of Hearst, Ontario. It used to be made in the Palace Bar, but when that bar closed, the Companion took over serving it. I don't know exactly what is in it, it has something in common with Long Island Iced Tea, but it is called the "Purple Helmet" and it is a popular alcoholic beverage in Hearst.
Time for a pitcher of the Purple Helmet! C'est l'heure de boire un Purple Helmet! (in French too).
by boonskis August 11, 2013
A motorcycle display team who specialise in riding displays performed without clothing. Many of the displays have humourous edge (farting through a trumpet or balancing spinning plate whilst riding a motorcycle etc).
They can be seen at many biking events in the UK and their performance is both entertaining and enlightening.
look at the funny motorcyclists with no clothes on, ooh how rude! They are called the Purple Helmets.
by Gasmixman January 14, 2006