Oral treatment for when your wife/gf has a headache and only pleasure down below will provide the cure.
Baby, my head's a poundin', I need that helixer right away!
by Frank'n berry October 17, 2013
The outer rim of the upper part of the ear, which curls. When pierced, the piercing is often referred to as a "cartilage piercing", although the term is no longer specific enough since different ear piercings are gaining popularity which are located in abnormal parts of the ear (all of which are through cartilage... except in the lobe).
"I got my cartilage pierced yesterday."
"which piercing did you get?"
"... my cartilage?"
"Oh, you mean your helix."
by Liz! March 1, 2006
Partaking in a style that involves rolling up your beanie two or more times, so the hat rests just above the top of the helix of your ears. Commonly worn by people who think they are too cool to have warm, or even comfortably temperate ears. Sometimes refered to as the 'skater yamaka.'
Jake was helixing his beanie, but he fell off his skateboard and ripped his zumiez jeans!
by Ligma69420 December 18, 2018
Helix is a gay crybaby, that doesn't know how to love, and is very sensitive all the time. Although he's quite warm and fun, laughs at shitty jokes all the time, and talks about penises non-stop, he also carries his dildo from his mom to school. Wannabe artist.
Guy 1: Heya, I met Helix the other day... I like him very much!
Guy 2: But he is a crybaby though...
by Helix__ May 20, 2020
Some fucking stuff in your fucking dna. Also a ARMS character
We all have helix

I chose helix!
by Too tok February 14, 2020
Guy 1: hey did you meet Helix?
Guy 2: yeah he was a funny and smart person.
by Helix‌ February 7, 2022
A housewife division in Benefactor's UU where all the officers are defuncts that got transferred and where all D5-D1's have more brain than a standard UNION
05: how to HELIX
by arandomguyonzeinternet October 5, 2020