A parent who is overly involved in the life of their child. Then tend to hover over their every movement and decision. Often times they take control and do tasks on their behalf. They also enjoy broadcasting the details and events of their child's life to anyone who will listen. Helicopter Parents do not ease up with age, in fact as the child grows up the tighter their grasp becomes.
"Are you sure that's a good idea?"
"Where are you going, what are you doing, where is your life going?"
"My child would never do something like that."
"Oh, I just have to tell you what my daughter did..."
"Can I come too?"
"I wish Laura would shut up and stop talking about her daughter - what a helicopter parent."
by beep2014 February 21, 2014
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A parent who hovers over their child, regardless of the child's needs or desires. An over protective parent who does not want their child to face any difficulty without their parent's help.
That kid's mom just went onto the field to check on his injury. All he did was slide into home. Think she's a helicopter parent??
by Iskid2astop April 7, 2009
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An individual parent who hovers over their child well into adulthood. Very seldom are there two helicopter parents in one family. One is enough to hover and annoy their thirty or forty year old "child" to the point of extreme exasperation.
He's forty two years old, but his "helicopter parent" mother comes over every day to make certain that absolutely everything in his life is right. (This includes selecting the right food, clothes, furnishings, girlfriends, friends, and job that her darling son has.)
by Joe Neubarth July 5, 2007
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The bane of the dean's existence. The parent who hovers and flaps his wings while the kid lives in his shadow. Particularly prevalent at high-priced colleges, where parents feel obliged (or entitled) to intervene on issues down to the candlepower of the lightbulbs.
Yes, helicopter parent, your intentions are good, but that rotor of yours is causing a din.--Felix Carroll, Albany Times Union, January 27, 2005
by Buce August 30, 2005
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a parent who is constantly hovering over(monitoring) thier children while they are at school, much to the annoyance of the princapal and the teachers
To the staff at the school, the helicopter parent is like the commercial for head on.
by Light Joker March 22, 2007
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A retarded fuck who thinks invading their childrens life and giving them no privacy is a good idea
Person A: my helicopter parents know where I am 24/7
Person B: Dude WTF I feel so bad for you having no privacy is the worst thing on earth
by Marcel but gay December 7, 2019
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A generation of parents who have unintentionally, hyper controlled and micromanaged millennials in ways that have diminished millennials ability to cope, self-regulate, and resolve conflicts without assistance or outside intervention. Whatever happened to letting kids be kids?
A Helicopter Parent doesn’t let kids make even small decisions about their day to day lives or create meaningful dialogue about major decisions, goals, or future plans.
by IronMikey March 9, 2023
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