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Used to describe a person who is a mixed blood of many nationalities, also for a dog that is a mix of many breeds.
That guy has irish, italian, french, native american, and african in him, so he's a heinz 57
by Russell Berry August 16, 2004
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Someone who is mixed with 2 or more different nationalities; completely mixed with various ethnic backrounds.
Girl 1: I'm just straight up white, how about you?

Girl 2: Me? I'm a Heinz-57. I don't know half of my backround!
by bloodymarie April 15, 2010
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Heinz 57 is a shortened form of a historical advertising slogan "57 Varieties of Pickles" by the H. J. Heinz Company located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States. It has come to mean anything that is made from a large number of parts or origins.
I love my dog, but he's a real Heinz 57.
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by hiddengerbil March 13, 2018
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1. A person that's a born mixture or known mixture of at least 2 or more differernt races.

2. A dog that's a mixed breed.
Obama is a brother most definitely, but at the same time he's a heinz 57.
by Mr. Terrence L. Trezvant May 23, 2009
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A common sexual maneuver that originated in "the tilly" where a man unloads his baby batter inside a woman and afterwards has her hover over the toilet and drain as much of his man juice out of her as possible while smacking the back like a Heinz 57 bottle.
Friend1: "Yo Travis, I heard you took Angie home last night and hit it raw"

Friend2: "Hell yeah brah, I just pulled a Heinz 57 after I was done"
by Tyrone Kizzaps March 12, 2007
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wherein the act of vaginal penetration creates a sound not unlike that of direct fist contact with a half-empty ketchup bottle directly on the 57. In uncouth circles, this is referred to as a queef.
"I don't want to fuck you too hard, you might Heinz 57".
by Heinz Catsup January 03, 2009
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The offspring of an inter-racial couple, a bashtard, and a disgrace
Dang yo..this little brat is a heinz 57..the brat and his mother is a disgrace to the white/chinese/black communities.
by Sherman February 08, 2005
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