A mixed-breed is a person of unknown ethnicity or a multi-ethnic person.
That mixed breed girl is beautiful, being African, European, and Asian all rolled into one exotic woman!
by Izzy 》ISA CreativE《 April 3, 2016
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A black puppet that looks half ostrich and half flamingo.
this is my puppet and no one else can have it, but it needed to be added the the dictionary.
by Anonymous October 30, 2003
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The Cause of culture and races fusing or merging together, to make the common words "diversity " or "multicultarism".
Also mean't by the far too extreme, nice governments like for example: " Sweden is safe place for refugees taking shelter, high tolerance and progressive thinking between its people, safe space for all communitys, culture and gender marxism, high bomb count (16) per month, high rape count, first-failing femenist government in control, violent protest's, and immigrant attacks.

By other places around the world, Germany , having 15.7 million migratory people, Muslim origin were more likely to commit acts of violence than other young Germans., fake Germans allowed to be labeled as one of Germany, low enforcements,citys torn by riots by activists, immagrants speaking little german and little contact with its culture. Other parts in Europe and in the world like the U.S, might evolve to this state that is leaving over concentrated blueberry jam and mixing it with peanut butter , sounds de-licous, but can cause consequence to the original 1 flavor taste.

causing blend and mixing and losing cherished culture of the original pure breed, we refrain to use a word that describes the cause of mixing culture and making mutts , we are surely to use, "Mixing Dog Breeds".....
Mark: Hey Lewis, haven't you heard on the news that Swedish police are offering "don't touch me" anti-sexual assault wristbands to women, sounds retarded, right?

Lewis: Yes it does, but really, its the Swedish governments fault for making the decision of deciding to be Mixing Dog Breeds, and letting the black and shekel doggo breeds make offspring with a balls succing vallhund, rather than the balls succing vallhund's preferred mate, the meatball eating "gay Jewish Klansmen" vallhund, which has a higher rate of being a trans (or) genderfluid breed that can die of microwesternic bacteria that can kill it in a matter of seconds and can devore its prolapsed colon in 0.0001 shit-seconds.

Mark: Wow, although I think Trump is an asshole, I wouldn't let a femenist run for President and assasinate the whole cabinet, staff and advisors, or its armed forces with high T testosterone snorting lesbi short hared red bloody faggots who are most likely to fail the test for just being simply, some normal bitches , damn!

Lewis: Most likely, Trump wouldn't mix chihuahua's with Golden Retrievers , with a speckle of black dawg genes, because he likes pure breeds 'alright.

Mark: Sexual assault wristbands, new Nazi shit...

Lewis: *Takes out endangered BB gun breed and shoots Mark*

Mark: *Lays in Aladin carpet*
by SvenskTerrorizer500 March 21, 2018
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