Adj. Meaning 'Nothing' or very little. Mainly a Central Scottish term.
'He went to get money out of his bank, but he had hee haw in it.'

nothing fuck all nante bugger all nowt
by Big_Jock_Knew October 29, 2007
A phrase that should follow an unreasonably pejorative, irrational/illogical, or clearly dumb-ass remark. Used as an interjection, to call someone out for being an IGNORANT BRAYING ASS. (probably best used via text format, as actually saying "hee haw" may detract from the intended effect...).

A subtle yet effective way of pointing out someone's stupidity- as they most likely won't even get your reference in the first place (and may in fact think you are laughing WITH them)- without having to be too frank.

You see, an ignorant braying ass "hee-haws" all day 'em out.
"hee haw, Bro..HEE HAW"
by kittylitterbitch August 18, 2011
A funkyass receptionist who hates her life, and her co-workers, and will stop at nothing to spread her misery to the world.
Man that hee haw is one jive turkey around the office today

She's really been less of a hee haw lately since her husband was shipped off to Iraq...

To bad that Hee Haw got cancer. She will be less entertaining in a hospital bed.
by Ronald Ronaldson July 31, 2006
the sound a bloody donkey makes, *donkey* *points at the guy who spelt it donkie*
I am a donkey.
I go hee-haw.
by Jmac July 3, 2004
A hillbilly variety show, which aired from 1969 - '91, first on CBS, and later in syndication. Famous for reinforcing the most negative, backwards aspects of country music, as well as the world's largest succession of thoroughly unfunny jokes, not to mention a smattering of gingham-clad T&A.
Convicted criminals should be sentenced to watching "Hee-Haw"
by MRT2 October 7, 2006
n. Specifically, a truck/lorry driver with an inflated sense of self-importance, tending to argue about the most inane things and be extraordinarily picky about things they pay for. It can also be used to refer to truck/lorry drivers in general. Either way, there is considerable overlap with the redneck/white trash definition of hee-haw.
A driver is getting his truck washed, wandering around the wash bay and nitpicking things that aren't to his liking, even though the wash is still ongoing.

Employee 1: (to Employee 2) What a fucking hee-haw.
Employee 2: I know, right?
by Executor321 October 8, 2011