none, nothing, nada, cock all, nantrum, about as much as your ass, zero,
"that murphys got nante hope of fittin a FULL pineapple up there, best take it in stages or choose a more sizeable fruit"
by sandeemas May 18, 2005
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A hairy middle aged man who is stronger than they look and is usually quite charming with the ladies.
Hey buddy, that Nant stole that girl I was chatting to at the bar!
by Noss May 19, 2017
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The sexy beast pro tennis player and the official captain of Thailand. He likes to walk around the house naked and swing around his small Thailandish tennis racket.
Nant Prachuabmoh is one sexy little boy
by dildy69 June 25, 2018
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A flat in Cardiff Met University synonymous for being the freakiest bunch of mingers on the whole cyncoed campus. Stay away from nantes 1 at all costs as this flat is the greasiest, dirties most uninhabitable slum. The kitchen perfectly imitates a pigsty and stink of the culmination of all of their urine. If you enter that flat, upon leaving get a test for all STIs and burn your clothes as soon as possible. All in all they should've been neutered at birth.
"Have you been in Nantes 1?"
"Yes i have crippling AIDS and I have gained an extra chromosome"
by SkidzInUrMum February 07, 2021
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When a male splooges inside a females puece without protection this is the result.
gars get g-nant then take more of my tax dollars!
by Mr. Riblow September 24, 2004
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Something you say when you’re bored and high.
by I_Dorfeth February 13, 2019
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