In poker, a heater is a period where a player is getting better than average cards. Heaters don't theoretically exist, but they appear to exist on a player's graph. Can last for a very short while or a very long while.
I was on a huge heater where I was running $5,000 over EV. Now I'm downswinging back to zero :(
by coffee n ciggz August 22, 2010
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cigarettes when the temperature is below comfortable for those living in the midwest.

"Hey Carl, lets go out back and burn some heaters"
"Hey hook it up wit a heaters yo!"
by Scott Terror February 02, 2006
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slang for cigarette; term mostly used in minnesota
got a heater?, lets go play hockey!!!
by Smokey February 27, 2005
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An apparatus meant to provide heat.
It's cold in here. I guess I should turn on the heater.
by Emma February 04, 2005
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When playing beer pong and making two shots in a row, a.k.a "heating up"
Alan: Holy shit Briana you just made two shots in a row!
Briana: HEEEEEEAAATERS (heaters) *raises hands up and shrugs shoulders*
by Mr. Ragerrrrrrrrr July 25, 2011
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a glock, neener, or any other type of firearm.
"He don't wanna see me, and da heater!"
by intake January 09, 2003
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