Heat score is drawing unwanted attention to yourself whist performing not so legal activities
man smoking pot outside the police station is so heat score
by Bigmikeyv May 29, 2005
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the police are often referred to as heat, some people call it "bringing the heat" to be noticed by police. This phrase is usually used in a drug deal situation, and someone who is considered a heaty or heat score is an undesirable customer. Also used to describe situations where you are attempting to avoid detection in your dealings, and a police/authority figure gets close...this is a heat score
"keep those dollas down, that's a heat score"
by shanu May 26, 2005
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used to describe a vehicle that would draw unwanted police attention, regardless of the speed it's travelling.
The red vette was a total heat score.
by Joolie D October 26, 2005
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see the definition of 'heaty'
man, your so heat score
by asdf April 12, 2005
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heat as in police, score as in informant... though unsure as it might mean become a target as a treachorous fink

but definately a good way to earn a broken kneecap if you rat somebody out on the streets by drawing attention to them

taking a guess from the context it was used in when I heard it on the west coast of canada and wouldn't mind knowing more about the proper definition
don't be a heat score, moron
by brodie November 8, 2004
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girl: 'your shoes are ugly.'
guy: 'oh yea? your face is ugly! heat score!'
by cyanide&happyness January 31, 2011
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To score heat > one that attracts attention to oneself through insolence, idiocy or 'slampa' behaviour.
Throwing a bottle of Buckfast out of the window onto the street, narrowly avoiding getting you and all your friends arrested.
"THD, you were such a heat score last night"
by Tron88 February 23, 2012
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