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valves sequel to last years game, left 4 dead. it features new weapons, campaign, characters, and melee combat, such as frying pans (lol) chainsaws, axes, etc. it is supposed to be a much bigger and better game than the first. if this holds true, ill have an orgasm every time i touch the disk
hey did you piss your pants?
no i had an extreme orgasm and jizzed in my pants. its left 4 dead 2s fault
by Z3r0s3volution June 3, 2009
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something i dont have, like many people
i dont have friends because i dotn ahng out with anyone outside of school and i dont give a damn enough about anyone to consider them a freind and people dont like me enough to consider me a friend..
by Z3r0s3volution December 11, 2009
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something ill never ask because im to much of a pussy to ask girls out even when i know they like me. o well lol
-hey, why dont you ask anita out?
-because she doesnt like me
-yes she does im telling you!
-nah i dont think so
-youre so stupid
-i dont really wanta girlfriend anyway...

actual conversation
by Z3r0s3volution September 24, 2009
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a girl who has:
a. nothing to offer a man besides looks
b. nothing to a man besides pussy
c.nothing to a man besides looks and pussy
d.nothing to offer to a man

bitches are boring to be around, stupid, and dont set themselves apart from other girls. a banal existence indeed. this is why most girls are bitches
by Z3r0s3volution April 17, 2011
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what i got a week before modern warfare 2 came out... not fair
*turns on 360 sees red rings of death in lower right corner*
*calender says november 3rd*
*kills self*
by Z3r0s3volution November 3, 2009
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i havent played it, but it looks like the best pokemon game ever (along with soul silver) IMO. my favorate pokemon games were gold and silver, and this game aloong with its counterpart has everything from the original games, but they are presented in a much more epic way. the game looks better than any other pokemon game ive played for a handheld... the amount of pokemon and special events presented is staggering... the pokethlon looks like a good sub for contests... and the music is beautiful with its deloghtful remixes. also, ill get to use my favorate starter, cyndaquil :D. if you want, go look it up. if you hate pokemon, thats cool too. but hey, just know next spring, ill be starting my johto journey again for the first time in 10 years..
pokemon heart gold is said to be the greatest pokemon game ever. buy it in japanese, wait until it comes out in english, or hack it. imo, it looks epic and i cant wait until spring 2010!
by Z3r0s3volution September 18, 2009
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a person in gears of war or gears of war 2 who takes advantage that getting shot with a shotgun from 2inches away and then telepots to you and chainsaws you. dosnt require much skill, only knowlege to realize that stopping power only works forcertain people and pint blanks only work for the host and his team
wow. i shot this guy twice with the shogun from 3 feet away and then he slid and chainsawed me.
by Z3r0s3volution September 16, 2009
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