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The 'Hooker with the heart of Gold' is a a female and in rare cases, a man, who lives the tragic life of prostitution.

The hooker with the heart of gold is a caring, loving, person whose head and heart are all in the right place, but is in the prostitution business due to some ludicrous tale such as:

1)she has no way of paying a HUGE debt and has to work 2 jobs plus the corner

2)she is forced by the pimp to be a prostitute and doesn't leave because fear of him

3)a family member is deathly ill and she had to quit school and get 2 low paying jobs plus work the corner
Hooker with the heart of gold: Hey! wanna have a good time baby?

Pleasure seeker: Get in.
Several hours later.....

Hooker is walking back to the corner when she sees a hobo...she gives him half the earnings she just made even though her pimp is not gonna be happy. she puts the hobo before herself
by tymk August 12, 2011
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