A unit of measure of vaginal quantity.
He has acquired approximately one-eighth of a Gibney's worth....
by NylonPimp June 1, 2017
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I man who tries to distract from his homosexuality by acting extremely philosophical
That gibney sure is philosophical
by ognie December 2, 2014
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An annoying idiot who only listens to you when it involves him getting something for doing nothing.
by A dolf December 21, 2020
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Gibney is a large comet that enters the Earth's atmosphere once in a lifetime. Just like the comet a Gibney is a person that if you encounter one in your lifetime it's like a comet hitting you. You will never be the same.
When Mr. Gibney enters the room it's like a comet just burst in.
by Incomming!!!! December 24, 2021
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