A group of people who have the knowledge about a specific music genre.
"Those cats knew their shit, they were pure Hip-Hop headz."
by Dr Professor June 19, 2006
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1.Very high quality marijuana.
2.Marijuana one step above nugs.

--Related forms
1. Dude, them headz is that real one hitta quitta.
2. Where da headz at?
by lukel03 October 10, 2006
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to suck dick/cock.
Sucking a boys genitals
boy: Dis chik wz propa givin me HEADZ nd everyting.

boy2: o skeen, is it?

boy: yeh. she licked up ma cum as well.

boy2: she mussa been horny init.
by Roodish May 21, 2008
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Mentors, community stake holders that's been in the hood for a minute. Have presence in the community. Well respected and known in the hood. Always sharing about back in the day and reminiscing.
I sit with my old headz on the steps and talk about back and the day.
by Urb dweller March 13, 2010
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1. A 1992 demo track from Wu-Tang Clan member Ol' Dirty Bastard's 1995 album Return to the 36 Chambers, featuring fellow Wu-Tang member RZA. It is a rap song about cutting heads off.
Here it is
Where's it at?
In the back
Got a stack
The Dirty Bastard
Yo you Bastard flip the phat track
Here I go, here I go, whether friend whether foe
Let them know that I flow over the rainbow
Hit the deck
Aw, yep, (ch-ch plow) from the Tek, takin heads, takin necks
What the fuck they expect?
I don't know
I don't care
I won't fall
I won't stare at a ho, less I know that I'm going to the mo-
T-t-tel, cause I'm lousy, technique is drowsy
Stop tryin to foul me
Sayin that we're lousy
But I'm a tyrant, defiant, walkin New York Giant
President of the Wu
But I'm also a client
It's the Wu, what, you knew what, you do what, what, who, what, what
I don't give a flying fuck
About a chump, cause this heart only pumps Kool-Aid
Snatch a kid by the braids, and cut his head off

Rhymes is rugged like burnt buildings in Harlem
The Ol Dirty Bastard from the Temple of Shaolin
Dirty to the brain like drops of acid rain
Clang, clang, clang, rhymes pluckin at your brain
So take a sip from the cup of death
And when you're shaking my right hand, I'll stab you with the left
(Whirr whirr whirrr!) Red alert! Red alert!
Ason comin straight from the dirt
Once I go berzerk, mad brothers got hurt
Nuthin new in ninety-two
It's time to do the work
Trails of vatos scream once I hop on the scene
And fear the return of the fatal flying guillotine
Mr. Milli, that means I'm also militant
Don't wear no suit and tie, I'm no gentleman
Gettin laid, takin heads, that's my hobby
Punch a brother in the face who call me Robbie
I be the RZA, call me that cuz-I
Never liked the name I recieved from my poppa
Dirty deluxe, yo, I'm huntin for ducks
Snatchin devils up by the hair, then cut his head off
by Guillotine March 29, 2005
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this is a term thrown around liberally in the Bridgeport Connecticut area, used to dictate what people "in the clique" are aware of and engaged in. The philistines that populate this same area have no idea. It is primarily used to puctuate someone elses thoughts on a matter, or an affirmation.
terd fergusen: "yo, you know peoples is meetin' up at the FOOBAR, but i think that place is for crak babies and squids".

lord pim: "headz know".
by Lord Pim June 30, 2006
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To have a ton of people, to fit lots of people
The party was packed, there were madd headz there.
by Lee February 18, 2005
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