1.) To vigorously nod your head up and down.

2.) To quickly roll your head around to make your long greasy hair swirl about you.

3.) A type of body movement which can cause permanent brain damage.
by Sarah November 16, 2003
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To violently shake one's head to music. Headbanging is often accompanied by air guitar.
by darth ivory April 8, 2007
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To perform the act of bobbing your head up and down on a penis.
by Jay July 2, 2004
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A heavy song with massive groove or driving rhythm that makes a metalhead move their head in time with the music. Then when no one is around, they crank the stereo up to 11 and headbang themselves sick. If one of these songs occurs at a live concert, anyone close to the metalhead will be hit by whipping hair.
Of Wolf and Man by Metallica is SO headbangable! I listened to it three times today and now I have a migraine. Good times!
by SirJigglesAlot November 1, 2011
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swinging your head up and down as hard as you can as if to almost rip it of, while listening to heavy metal music
Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i was headbanging to some metallica, and i got whiplash, it was so fucking hardcore
by GIANT(in my pants?) May 28, 2008
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A rock or metal musician or one who is a fan of rock/metal music.
There where hundreds of headbangers at Ozzfest.
by Khanrad July 8, 2003
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a person involved in the activity of headbanging.

Generaly identifyed with Rock or Metal music.
Iron maiden concert is a Headbangers ball man!! you should come..
by nemisis4u June 1, 2011
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