after sitting for a short or long period of time then standing up will most likey get you a head rush, a rush of very extreme dizzyness.
Jim:"whoa whats wrong?"
Greg:"Major head rush!"
by MITCHELL July 10, 2005
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smoking just enough weed to feel the changing in the weight of your head, but not yet stoned. You sort of begin to feel you head go heavy, light, and so on... a pleasant feeling
"Let's toke up man!"

"No way dude, we don't have enough to get stoned"

"We can still pack a mighty fine head rush though man!"

"I'm down."
by sebastiancee November 26, 2007
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Erection that catches you offgaurd, normally triggered by extremely attractive women.
"Dude did you see that girl?, Man I just got such a head rush."
by A Guy Named Fred January 17, 2007
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An extremely dedicated fan of the progressive rock band rush. A rush head (me Included) usually spends most of his/her time ( mostly his lol) on
Rush Head 1 - Did youe hear there new album

Rush Head 2 - Hell Yeah
by kev2112 May 16, 2009
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A crazy ass crackhead who’s on that rush tweakin out and shit on the streets.
Aye bro you see that homeless ass nigga tweakin? Fuckin Rush Head!!
by Welcome to Fortnite July 31, 2023
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