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the noise that you make after someone tells a joke, can be done oraly or by a drum kit.
Mitchell: "Ben tell a joke!"


Mitchell: *hits drums* Ba-Dum-CH!

People at party: "HAHAHAHA!"

(true story)
by MITCHELL July 10, 2005
a racist term used mostly by natives and blacks people to insult us white people.
Native: eh fuck white boy...
white: fuck off
by MITCHELL March 29, 2005
Enesce first used in high school about a elite person, however over the years the enesce term has evolved leaving the word enesce commonly misused.
Basically, Enesce now means, that a person or object is obsolete.
Dam, you just got Enesce.
by MITCHELL March 14, 2005
To be extremely potent to Candian chicks.
Bhulinder went to Canada and every chick he saw got pregnant.
by MITCHELL August 25, 2003
The definition of a lady's man. A popular pimp and friendly, laid back fellow. Also called Ion, Fizz, Fizzle, or Fizzpop
Yeah, thats my man John, hes an IonFizzle. Good guy
by MITCHELL June 20, 2004
i store that i like go to to check out the clearence rack for a cool t-shirt from anywhere from $6 - $20 (everything else in AE is overpriced).
i'm going in AE to check out the clearence rack!
by MITCHELL July 4, 2005
a run down area of the city.
every one who lives in winnipeg knows that gordon bell school is ghetto.
man gordon bell is sooo ghetto!
by MITCHELL March 29, 2005