to be having an amazing unforgettable time. to be so happy you never want to stop.
"hey man what are you doing ?"
"I'm ... having a time at forum 2009"
by hanaptezzi April 27, 2009
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Having difficulty at any given time with ones current situation.
Bro1: you look depressed, dude.
Bro2: yaaa, my gf just dumped me. I’m having a time rn
by Pienapple May 17, 2019
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somthething your "significant other" will say to you when, realy, they're cheating on you... or maybe they just really don't hav time??
diane: hey you wanna use my pusse tonight?
frank: i have no time..i..err...need to vacuum my mom!!
diane: yea right!! your probably meeting up with jessica!! we're through!! >.<
2 hours later

Frank's mom: frank!! its time for my annual vacuum!!
frank: arrg!! coming mother!!
by 2hawt4u March 8, 2008
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Off doing something time-wasting when important or interesting stuff was happening. Not even having a good time, just having another time.
When they gave out the answers, I was off having another time.
by Four Iron Feet April 20, 2010
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Meaning that you're practically saying it's bullshit.
Person 1: Oh, I got all A's for my report card!
Person 2: Yeah sure you did, 'and I have a time machine in my backyard!'
by Awesomedefs August 3, 2017
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When you’re in the mood to debate/argue about any topic.
Did you hear what he just said?
Yes, and I have time today.
by Krearyal August 2, 2018
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Something parents say instead of saying "No" just to crush their child's hopes
Son: Mom, can we go to Disney World?
Mom: If we have time..
Mom(Thinking): Hopefully he will forget...
by Tempestatem September 4, 2015
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