34 definitions by Evil Tim

To suck something up your nose so that you can either:
A- have it come out one of your nostrils
B- have it come out of your mouth
by Evil Tim October 12, 2003
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oh, no i'm a having a baby because i don't eat fiber
by Evil Tim September 15, 2003
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What the above person said...plus he does Sonic Boom and Flash Kick
by Evil Tim September 28, 2003
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A day that symbolizes the upcoming 9 months of woe and endless toil that is school
I still think that it sucks more balls than Britney Spears, Ja Rule, and Marey Carey put together
by Evil Tim August 27, 2003
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3 rich lil white valley girls who save crime...yawn! And they got rid of G Gundam for this crap?!
And you all thought *I* was the dumb one here...sheesh!
by Evil Tim October 2, 2003
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those that know the least know it the loudest
by Evil Tim August 16, 2003
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