saying something is all good or that everything is straight so no worries
1. tyler: "dude, i'm so sorry i couldn't come to your party"

jenny: "it's all gucci man, don't sweat it"

2. hayley: "fuck, i forgot my pipe"

mad: "it's all gucci nigga, i got mine"

3. lejla: "i'm going to chicago this weekend so i can't hang out"

pearl: "shit man it's all gucci, i'm going to chicago too"
by madchesney November 9, 2010
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When it is all gucci in the hood despite all the socioeconomic and political problems currently existing in the hood.
I just accidentally tripped and fell in your girl's pussy!
Don't worry about it it's all gucci in the hood!
by Gucci in da hood December 16, 2017
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