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A person who is completely addicted to MapleStory that plays over more than 5 hours per day. If one attempts to diss MapleStory, the MapleStory fanboy will immediately throw a fit and will do anything at any cost to claim that MapleStory is the superior free game available on the PC.

The reason for their agressive behaviour is that Nexon. Inc , an evil greedy gaming company, brainwashed them into playing MapleStory.

Most MapleStory fanboys are either:
-Kids under the age of 13 (Not joking)
-A teen looking to socialize to gain vitural friends and a boyfriend/girlfriend
-A grown adult(mostly virgins) that's afraid to grow up because he loves to play a childish 2D games.
-Geeks or nerds that are obsessed of being the best in every game no matter what it takes.

They're usually fun to troll because they do ANYTHING to say that MapleStory doesn't suck even though everyone knows this is true.

FACT: If this defination gets thumbs down then it's mostly likely a MapleStory Fanboy. I would like to say "fuck you" to the MapleStory Fanboys reading this. =)
Saanzan: Holy shit, this Mario flash game is much more fun than MapleStory. Beside, it was a shitty game.


Saanzan: Oh, shut the fuck up MapleStory fanboy. You're brainwashed. One day before you die, you'll realize that game is shitty.

by Saanzan August 03, 2010

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A person who WANTS to be tough by saying shit about others and saying that they're strong enough already. However, most of these wannabe tough guys are either scrawny loners,fatasses, or jocks who taken steroids.

They mostly talk about their strength,weight,height,etc even though most people won't care.

If you're encountering a wannabe tough guy, ignore them. Remember, they talk soo much yet they do very little.
Brett: yo, guyz i just workd out 4 30 mins today!!!11 I joged around da whol neighboor hood!!1 im going to kik that guys ass soon this week!1 omg yay

Andrew: No one cares how much you've worked out. And it you're acting like a wannabe tough guy. Just shut the fuck up already. You've been saying that everyday for the past two weeks.
by Saanzan August 03, 2010

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A war between opinions against facts. A person or group of people will be on the opinon side and the other on the facts side.

Facts usually win since it's true ,but opinions has great points in the arguement.
Most of the "Opinion VS Facts" happen on message boards or somewhere on the internet or real life.
An example of Opinion VS Facts:

Xbox360 Fanboy: In my *opinion*, Xbox 360 is much better because of its better online ...

PS3 Fanboy :Really? Because the PS3 has free online, which one does not have to pay ...

*Continues for a really long time until the next generation of console come, starting another Opinion VS Facts war*
by Saanzan August 07, 2010

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An old excuse for couples or families who have a baby. They use the baby to get advantage of others ,and since no one can resist the cuteness of a baby , people often do whatever they say. Well.. some do.
Example 1:

Saanzan: * walks into a line for the release of the new iPhone*

Randomdickhead2010: Mind if I can butt in line? I have a baby, so you better move or else I'll tell everyone you're a baby hater.

Saanzan: Should I care? Besides I got here a while ago!

Randomdickhead2010: OMG! YOU'RE A FAG! I'M GETTING THE SECURITY!!!

Example 2:

Randomdickhead2010: Can I have $20? Please , I have a baby! For my sake, please give me $20!

Saanzan: Too fucking bad, I worked hard for this money, even if you have a baby; I will not give you money.

Randomdickhead2010: I'M TELLING THE POLICE!!!

Example 3:

Randomdickhead2010: Don't hit me with the fucking basketball!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have a baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saanzan: Dude, you're fucking 200 metres away from us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Saanzan August 07, 2010

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The typical individual who made an account on GameFaqs and has been on GameFaqs daily and has over 30 or more Karma.

They're most kids under the age of 13, video game obsessed geeks or nerds , adults working at McDonalds, and 18+ virgins.

They usually lurk around the message board, posting pointless shit like always and having flame wars over fucking videos games.

Most spend their time reading FAQS, making FAQS , answering questions,reading reviews, complaining,throwing a fit, fanboy wars, etc as their daily routine.

Most will talk about upcoming games, video game girls, how much they own, ranting about little things, and everything else that user would do on GameFaqs.
A Typical Day In GameFaqs
Saanzan: Sup guys, I'm wondering if I should buy this game because ....

Randomdickhead2010: OMFG UR A FAG LOL

RetardGuy101: idk if u shud becuz tht game sucks u shud try this game insted. read my review of it and u know y

GameFagsSlave: Hey ,RetardGuy101, you seriously want to start a flame war? I'll get my buddies so you better get ready 'cause I'm much more intelligent than you AND I have ...

*Continues until thread reaches 500 post in one day*

Saanzan: GameFaqs user are a bunch of failures.
*logs off*
by Saanzan August 03, 2010

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A) A fail insult occurs when a person ridicules(making fun of) someone's race , religion, beliefs , culture, etc. Real insults are when a person says something about another person's statement that lacks proof and evidence.

B) Not only that ,but saying swears like faggot/fag is a poor insult to anyone who is not homosexual and that the person has no evidence that he or she is actually homosexual.
Example A)
Brett: OMG asia sukz balls man!!11 buddism is sooo crappy lolololol fuck you asiann !11

Peter: You are completely racist and very stupid. Your poor grammar does not make any sense. Why/How does Asia and Buddism suck? Give a reason, failfag. Not to mention that is a fail insult.

Example B)
Dylan: uhhh ...ur a feggit. feg fag feggit! black people suk balls!

Tony: Is that all you call me? Just fag and faggot? Wow! The real faggot is the one who says it. You have no evidence that I am homosexual and I actually have a girlfriend. You are racist. You are going die alone since you no friends if you continue to be like this. Leave with your fail insults , you fatass.
by Saanzan May 31, 2010

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An American descendant who immigrant to the beautiful land of Canada. Sadly, they treat Canada as like the USA meaning that they cause a lot of problems here in the north. Most are very racist which makes me wonder :

"Why the fuck would you immigrant here in a multicultral country"?

Some mistake REAL Canadians for American Canadians. The most abvious way to identify them is either:
a) They are very obese
b) They have the American Flag somewhere
c) Very rude,trashy, and talks like a typical American

The worse thing is, they still ridicule Canada even when they live in Canada.

Why are they living in Canada? One reason:


They shouldn't even apply for a Canadian citizenship if they act like this.
An African Canadian: Hey, I'm wondering if you can tell me where I can get to the nearest corner store?

American Canadians: fucku nigga!!! u goin to rob a corner store huh? well 2 bad nigga imma call da cops on yah hahaha i will mak sur tht da torontoh police will get yer ass arrested LOL

Saanzan: Hey fuck you ugly American! Go back to your fucking country! You're ruining this great country and we don't discriminate others. Fucking asshole!

*Arguement goes on for another hour since the American Canadians WANTS to win this arguement*
by Saanzan August 07, 2010

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