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A vehicle moving at an excessive speed or power with a medium to large payload. Possibly consisting of ass.
Jim the bus driver was sure hauling ass when he was late delivering the cheerleaders to the football game!

The Saturn V rocket was sure hauling ass when it launched it's six and a half million pounds off the launch pad.
by Boatman1912 April 14, 2015

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A heated fart is the action of farting directly into a wall mounted electric heater turned up to maximum temperature. The fan in the heater will accelerate the dispersal of the fart. If done properly you should be able to clear out a room. This also has the added benefit of burning off the dust clinging to the electric heating elements in the summer, adding a burning dust fragrance and fire prevention.
"Why are you bent over in front of the heater Johnson!......... and why does it smell like hot Garbage?!"
"Oh just launching my post dinner heated fart"
by Boatman1912 April 14, 2015

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