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In direct opposition to a wannabe, a popular musician, singer or rock star who is no longer popular but still acts like it.
The club owner says to a fledgling rock band,"This club books more wannabees than hasbeens because we support our local talent. You've got the gig."
by dearhearts November 04, 2003
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One who used to be famous/popular, but isn't anymore. Used to descride singers, dancers, supermodels, etc.
Most Hollywood has-beens are often seen on late-night TV, hawking cheap products that break 0.000000000000000000005 seconds after you get them.
by Shawn B. May 22, 2003
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1. a person who is no longer famous

2. no longer famous
That has-been will never live to dance again.
by Light Joker April 12, 2005
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someone who USED to be famous but now is nothing more than a puss with nothing better to do than try to get back in business
David - Yo nigga did u see "Rock Of Love" last night?
Kenny - Naa son Bret Michaels is a fuckin hair straightening, eye liner wearing, spray on tanned douche bag hasbeen.
by sal flip February 04, 2008
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Some one who lives in the past and is willing to give up there future.
Some one who always says "I was" instead of saying "Wuzzam"
Some one who has given up on there dreams because.
Some one who listens to other people tell them that they can't do that for what ever reason.
Has Been: I would like to do this but every one thinks it's a stupid idea.
Wuzzam: I don't care what they say, if it makes me happy then I am going to do it.
by Robert Funk April 13, 2008
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Someone who graduates from high school and can't except the fact that they are no longer in high school and continue to hang around with high schoolers. They cant move on and continue to hang around their hometown. Never leaving. #losers #moveonewithyourlife #kendra
Kendra is such a hasbeen. Oh my gosh are they ever go leave, like stop being a hasbeen.
by Realbitch00 February 18, 2017
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In professional wrestling, an entertainer that will not retire and returns only to steal the metophorical "spotlight" from the younger talent.

See: Terry Bollea (Hulk Hogan)
by King Carl August 07, 2006
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