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Nurse 1"Why is that new nurse late again'?

Nurse 2 "She said her bady daddy was late picking up the kids due to a 19 car accident on the freeway that he caused because he is such a loser he 4 flat tires and then ran out of gas, so he abandoned his car and walked 3 miles to her house." According to her its not her fault she got knocked up by an irresponsible loser. '

Nurse 1 "Yeah, whatever, he/she needs an enema"
by voodoomutt February 22, 2012
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a man that will do anything for a woman with no strings attatched.
ex. honeydo please change the spark plugs in my car when its 14 below zero, honey do please change my toliet seat, honeydo please unclog my kitchen sink etc. Usually not apprecited by younger women but all single women over 50 wish they had one.
by voodoomutt January 19, 2012
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The women who used to be married to the guy you are sleeping with. A trainwreck--- who wears to much makeup, is overweight and can't snag a man.
"Who's that chubby chick hanging on your man"?
Oh, ---- its his xoxo x wife, even though they've been divorced 10 years she just can't let go"
by voodoomutt January 22, 2012
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a world where people live in mayhem includes people with baby daddy drama, in-law incest, cheaters, tramps who will sleep with their mothers boyfriend, men who knock up tramps and then refuse to support the children they have created, people who have 4 children together and have been engaged for 6 months in hope of maybe getting married one day, women who have slept with so many losers in the same week that they cannot even figure out who the looser is that knocked them up, men who have 18 children and no job among others
Good back to your Jerry Springer World and stay out of my life
by voodoomutt October 5, 2011
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the fucktard I used to be married to.
Oh, shit here comes that hasbeen that I used to be married to
by voodoomutt September 17, 2013
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