Home of Thickburgers. Delicious burger that should only be eaten after 1:00 AM. Otherwise you will be coherent enough to realize that what you are eating is not really all that delicious.
Umm, lets get a thickburger. No way dude, its only 7:00(PM).
by pseuodnym April 19, 2004
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To have sex with someone in an aggressive manner.
I don't like really rough sex but I do like it when I guy rails me quite hardees.
by Big poppa 62353456 August 10, 2016
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home of the t"hickburger", another place shady wants to drive circles in the parking lot screaming "i don't give a fuk."
by deez nuts July 19, 2003
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Person 1: "I thought you were going to a fast food place, you've been gone an hour"
Person 2: "I did"
Person 1: "Where?"
Person 2: "Hardees"
by Rob January 14, 2004
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Noun, Adjective

1. Expressing agreement to an issue
2. Form of greeting between ICQ users
3. Universal reply to any form of expression
4. Often repeated several times, can be transformed by the general form: X-ardee where, after conjugation, X is any enouncible English alphabet.
I'm going to go outside and play some basketball! / Hardee~!~!~!

Yo, wassup? / Hardee jardee mardee pardee...
by mike April 15, 2003
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