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a place that never has customers
WOW! Hardees acually has a customer today.
by frankdabarborvegan October 23, 2003
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Home of Thickburgers. Delicious burger that should only be eaten after 1:00 AM. Otherwise you will be coherent enough to realize that what you are eating is not really all that delicious.
Umm, lets get a thickburger. No way dude, its only 7:00(PM).
by pseuodnym April 19, 2004
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Person 1: "I thought you were going to a fast food place, you've been gone an hour"
Person 2: "I did"
Person 1: "Where?"
Person 2: "Hardees"
by Rob January 14, 2004
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home of the t"hickburger", another place shady wants to drive circles in the parking lot screaming "i don't give a fuk."
by deez nuts July 19, 2003
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To have sex with someone in an aggressive manner.
I don't like really rough sex but I do like it when I guy rails me quite hardees.
by Big poppa 62353456 August 10, 2016
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A fast food chain that tastes like a shitmop.
Honey lets not go to Hardees remember the time we ate what we thought was a burger but was really an old mop covered in mounds of shit.
by unleashed February 07, 2004
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A fast food chain known for bad service and worse food. I worked at one and I had a assistant manager who eas a total moron, who gave my two double cheeseburgers my front line customer was waiting 15minutes for and tole me "drive thru has higher priority.

Hardee's is a place you avoid walking into even if it is the last fast food place on earth and you are starving to death.
Hardee's actually bought out Burger Chef a chain that was actually worse then they were. Believe it or not.
by GTBurns July 10, 2004
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