a video of someone videoing a run up of a random slap on someone

it is not raping punching stabbing shooting kicking or a beatdown
dont let the media make you believe otherwise(we all know they exaggerate)
i got some video of jordan being happy slapped on my phone
by thiswillbebigoneday February 09, 2009
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when someone gets happy slapd its an unexpected crack and your mate films it on his phone. its usualy moshers as their a walkin target. you dont wana get slapd then dont draw attention to your self simple.
slap someone, film it, watch it later and laugh = happy slap
by kyle0161 January 08, 2007
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Verb. When a naked man bounces up and down causing his junk to slap together. The ideal slap consists of the penis hitting in-between the two balls of the sac.
The man got out of the shower and began to happy slap before drying off.
by Hottiecotty October 22, 2017
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When a man slaps his phallus on a woman or man's asshole repeatedly. Often seen in pornos.
I was having sex with my wife last night and i pulled out and happy slapped her.
by Iron--Mike May 16, 2016
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