Orky, that is: hard, tough, devil-may-care, explosively violent, green, big, possibley dangerous to use, definantely dangerous to someone.
Hakbash has proppa checks on his wagon.
by Blakkreaper from da waaagh! October 12, 2008
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the new word out , meaning good or excelent
person 1 - have a look at this drawing i did
person 2 - wow maann thats proppa boss!
by renfred.renfred February 3, 2008
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A Proppa Rodney does pretty much any daft thing because you love it, and as we all know, to live is to love, as air to breath
He's been a proppa Rodney, acting up fer that gurl, he must love er- Jack
by BrownDante September 4, 2018
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