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A new craze sweeping schools; Students administer a punch or slap to the face of one of their "friends" and record their reaction on camera. This is then shown to all and sundry via picture messaging. It is classed as bullying and will be treated as so.
A slap to the face recorded on camera and sent to all and sundry. Especially Sundry.
by Robert Masters April 14, 2005
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happy slapping is the act of hitting/slapping someone wile recording it on a camera phone. Very popular with chavs, who think they are cool. If a chave ever happy slapps you, crack his motherfucking skull open and/or blow his head off with a shot gun. Be prepared if you see a chave with a camera phone, be ready to crack him in the jaw.
chav: hey lets go Happy Slapping.
chav 2: Yo totaley.
guy: (after being slapped) What the fuck you gonna die now, you son of a bitch (grabs knife and stabs chav in the brain through eye socket).
by K-man2 April 25, 2006
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The practice of slapping or punching somebody unsuspectedly and recording it with a camera phone.

In America we call this practice assault and I do believe you would get shot with a gun if you tried it.
Some british kids went happy slapping in LA and got their shit messed up.
by Hobbe April 28, 2005
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Pastime of intellectually-challenged youngsters from the 'street'. In large groups, they wander the realms of public transport, slapping the faces of unsuspecting members of the public and recording it for posterity on their camera-phones to show to their mates at 'skool'. They are usually black in colour, and under the delusion that they are the miniature London version of the US rapper 50 cent. Laughingly calling themselves G-Unit, or Terror Squad, they pounce without warning.
Try to arm yourself in anticipation of such an attack while travelling on any kind of public transport, and if you are unfortunate enough to be targeted by these ignorant morons, try and kill at least one of them in order to cleanse the human race.
by spade January 18, 2005
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Something that you'd think was unimaginable.
A 'Past-time' of gangs of complete idiots who go out and randomly hit/assault/rape people while recording it on their mobile phones, then distribute the video to otherpeople with camera phones.
These people are complete fuckwits that need eradicating from the face of the earth. No one should ever do anything like that to another human being. People like this should be shot so the likes of them will not plague the earth again.
(that happened)

My mate was 'Happy Slapped' when we were all in the park once. He was on his way home, and some random chav walked up to him and hit him while his mate taped it. My friend had to have stitches in his gum as the punch ripped the skin apart inside his mouth to the point that he could get his finger all the way up through his cheek...
by Hiuki July 09, 2005
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A chav's attempt at art.
Chav: "Ha, wuddend it be funneh to kick the fuck out of that man and then record it and show all arr m8s!"
Chav 2: "Proppa origanal idea, dat!"
by Spuff July 28, 2005
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A recent craze in which chavs ambush an innocent passer-by, and beat them up while one of the gang videos the whole episode on their mobile phone. The video is kept as a trophy and passed round the class at school.

The chavs who engage in this don't seem to recognise it as assault or have any kind of conscience, which is very worrying. How long will it be before we read about "happy rapes" or "happy murders"?
In London, British Transport police have investigated 200 happy-slapping incidents in the past six months, with eight people charged with attacks at south London stations and bus stops in January alone
by Zoggi June 07, 2006
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