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To get busted for something and thrown out of group for a flagrent violation.
"I got busted for being the 'One Star Bandit' on the Where's George Forums, so I got hanked for life".
by The One Star Bandito April 13, 2008
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Being kidnapped from a party, generally by a sibling, and taken on an apartment tour under the guise of a beer-run.
I was just getting a ride to the store for a bottle of bourbon but my sister hanked me for 2 hours.
by NotThePlumber September 06, 2018
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Being Small, getting close lined or the act of being replaced on a daily basis.
Dude that kid just got hanked. Or, I don't want to get hanked it gives me a bad reputation.
by iTerminate March 22, 2009
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hank /hei-nk/ verb + double applicative/ noun

(Hanks, Hanking, Hanked, to pull a Hank, to Hank it,

to Hank the sh*t out of it, Hank, Hankee)

1) Being engaged in a situation wherein the “Hank-er” attempts to conserve/save/ not spend as much

currency as humanly possible.
a. In a situation wherein one is “Hanked” the Hank-ee is usually denied some sort of funding.
-That guy totally Hanked the waitress.

-Oh I’m gonna Hank this salesman.

-I’m Hanking it up this Vacation

2. To request complimentary gifts or ‘swag’ from one‘s offspring usually labeled with the place of her


-I totally got Hanked at Easter this year, I had to bring home extra stuff on Memorial day for everyone else to make up for it.

3.To hydrate oneself with an alcohlic beverage (usually Rum or Scotch) while being driven less than

a half-mile.

-I’m gonna Hank the sh*t out of this ride to Denise and Craig’s house. Pass the Scotch!

4.To refuse to do a job asked of one at one’s place of employment with little to no regard for consequences.

-My assistant totally Hanked me! I asked her to get sandwiches for the meeting and she just stared

at me and said “yeah... I’m not gonna do that.”

5. To decorate with animals one has killed and to flaunt said animal decorations to certain vegan houseguests.

- My dad totally Hanked it when Lisa came over. She screamed when she woke up next to Boo Boo bear.
6. To ask the same question several different times, worded differently, expecting different results.
-“Do you want to watch the hunting channel?” “No.”
-“Do YOU want to watch channel 76?” “No!”
-“Want to watch something fun?”

*“Stop Hanking me already!”

7.To make sure to maximize to the fullest degree any deals/coupons/discounted offers.

-We took our dad to an all you can eat seafood restaraunt and came back 4 hours later and he was still Hanking it up!

8.To ask someone else to accomplish a task which is perfectly within one’s own capabilities.

- “Pam! Can you get the remote?” “I’m upstairs! and you are two feet from it: Quit Hankin’ me!”

9.To eat or drink while walking- as though it were a common pastime, for instance, on vacation.

“I love Navy Pier, I can drink beer, eat nuts and walk all at the same time! I’m Hanking it up today!”

10. To critically read all text as if one were a human spell checker, and demand all errors be corrected

-“He really hanked his own birthday gift, making his daughter correct a typo on her gift and re-print it!”

11.To take a job in a foreign country even though you hate everything that’s not American for the safety and

happiness of your daughter. To make sacrifices for the well-being of your family even at the cost of

your own happiness. To be a good dad and grandpa!
by femmenextdoor February 12, 2010
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