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Term used by hospital personnel to name medical leaches applied to patients post surgery for congealed blood removal.
We’re going to need some more Hanks over here, she’s still bleeding.
by Zach fan July 17, 2020

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Lance is a very weird kid in Illinois who is love with his pixelated character named the “Renegade Raider”. His heart isn’t all for the girl as she does her insane, sweaty 90s. Lance and Renegades relationship has came to a bumpy road ever since Fortnite Battle Royale has started to lose hype and die down. Lance has recently been seeing a girl named “Wraith” from the game Apex Legends, crazy what a Lance would do for some clout!
Oh this girl isn’t popular anymore? I’ll just Lance Gallagher to a girl who’s more popular.
by Zach fan February 12, 2019

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the best youtuber to ever do it! who has over 400 subscribers and is going to move to Los Angeles, California when he’s old enough!
Zach Fisher is the goat
by Zach fan January 20, 2018

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when your playing fortnite battle royale and you get shot in the head by a pump shotgun, usually said by famous youtuber Zach Fisher
how , i got pump to the head
by Zach fan March 23, 2018

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A youtuber that’s known for taking dubs on and off the the court, it doesn’t matter if it’s fortnite battle royale, or glide mode on minecrft, landin will win.
Landin wilde is a god
by Zach fan March 21, 2018

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A nickname that Indiana citizens call their up and coming pop star Zach Fisher. He stands out as he is very helpful, donates to charity, and helps the community whenever needed. Instead of calling him the man. They call him “The Boy” because he’s only 17. He sings and has small concerts at little venues.
Did you see The Boy perform last weekend?
by Zach fan July 17, 2020

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The Boulevard is a singer/songwriter from Indianapolis, Indiana. The popular R&B artist is loved greatly in the seven where he does shows at local bars and parties. As some would say “the man simply makes great music, and at only 18 years old, this kids gonna be a star”
The Boulevard’s about to perform, get ready!
by Zach fan April 02, 2021

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