playah playah!
by skrilla February 15, 2003
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A Ghetto Meaning reffering To Black People Who Are use women for fun and sexual intentions(Dumped the next day)
Whassup Playah Keep Your Game Tight

Hey Playah keep yo hands of my bi-atch
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noun, a person who's love for collecting vinyl makes them morally bankrupt and without bounds.Tim did
Tim gave a guy a Dutch Rudder, an upper decker double blumkin, and received a strawberry shortcake in exchange for a mint condition 1984 Agent Orange 7" in lieu of the $8 asking price, he is a real record playah.
by Papa Wheelie November 20, 2012
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1. The epitome of awesome when it comes to all things relating to bass, upright and/or electric.
Wow, that Bass Playah doesn't suck!
by redheaded_trumpet_chick February 15, 2010
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The coolest thing to say ever
if your friend wants to do something or says something to you, you stick 2 fingers in front of your chin and say aight playah and nodd
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nothin special.. drop his best boy for a hoe anyday.. learn bros b4 hoes n maybe people wont treat u like such a bitch... bitch..
Wasn't cody supposed to chill tonight? Nah.. i saw him earlier with mason's ex girlfried..
by Anonymous October 25, 2003
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