1. Any of verious strong, dry liquors, especially strong Holland gin.
2. A slang term for sex, just like everything else.
1. Many people like to drink hot cocoa with peppermint schnapps at Christmastime.
2. My wife likes it when I schnapps her in the ass.
by Anonymous June 21, 2003
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an expression or feeling that shows surprise or excitement.
"oh, schnapps! you got me a persent!"
by seekrett August 2, 2003
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schnapps is a word that is meant to show excitment.

it is also pronounced snizzy when used in slang although the word itself is slang.
oh schnapps that ho is fine

ooh schnapps its johntavia
by D June 13, 2004
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actor who plays will byers in stranger things. is the best young actor of our generation and deserves every award
did you see noah schnapp’s performance in stranger things?
by iluvrats May 10, 2018
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The most talent actor out there he’s so adorable and sweet he cares SO much for his fans he rlly shows it and deserves all the awards and love in the world
Omg noah schnapp yea he’s amazing
by Hahahha illy March 22, 2019
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Noah Schnapp is an actor on the TV show Stranger Things, along with Bridge Of Spies, and The Peanuts Movie. He is the most adorable kid ever, he's so amazingly talented, i love him so much... he deserves the entire world, and much more. He cares for his fans very much, and he's always smiling and happy. He deserves everything!
Marin: sorry- i love my angel uwu ( that hurt me to write djsjfk)
by Stranger1983 November 6, 2018
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The best child actor ever (Jack D Grazer coming in close second), who everyone should know and praise. Every teen girl has a crush on him. He deserves every award out there x100.000.000.
I wish I could date Noah Schnapp
by NoahSchnappBabe December 20, 2018
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