A hip and cool way to type the word "the" on an instant messaging program or blog.
Ed and Joe were trying to outdo one another with witty banter on Sally’s blog when Sally finally declared Ed "Hte Winner."
by ml238898 September 12, 2006
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Mrv9292:What does that mean?
by Mrv9292 April 5, 2005
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HTE stands for Heart Throb Express,it can be used for someone who is immensely attractive which is why this term may only be used by MEN who are capable of grabbing a couple of girls where ever they go.
girl:Did you see that guy? 2nd girl:he sure is a HTE
by original HTE August 25, 2010
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HTE means ''How to English'' for people who doesn't know how to speak English correctly.
-You and me want go festival I telled you?

-You don't know HTE? XD
by Betchman007666 April 29, 2015
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