A fucked up girl tells a tale of giving a handjob in the pantry, but really she means she is holding hands in the pantry. Cool.
Erin: "Oh you know, we just got handsy in the pantry!!!!!"
Kimbo: "So you gave a hand job in the pantry...Cool"
Erin: "Uh no, we held hands."
Kimbo: (awk) "Gay"
by kimboslice4566 April 28, 2011
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The range of sexual actions that does not involve actual sex or coitus but does include both manual and oral acts. a succinct way of saying 'everything but sex' that leaves less ambiguity as to what actually happened.
"Did you get the full ten points and have sex with that girl last night?"
"Not quite, but we did do handsy mouthies, so just eight for me"
by KC34 May 9, 2016
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The nickname given to a girl for when she smokes. Meaning, she gets very handsy. She touches everyone. Name used by Babyhitzmcgee and General. Sometimes used by Jay-Rod.

Shortened form: Handsy
BabyHitzMcGee: HANDSY!!!
Handsy Pansy: Hey guys.

General: Hey Handsy.
Jay-Rod: Sup Handsy?
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to be excessively aggressive with stripper or hookers while having no intention of paying them for any service
Last night I got handsy without paying. That hooker never saw it coming.
by CuracaoAL December 22, 2009
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Phrase used to describe your friend or buddy that gets very touchy-feely when drunk.
Watch out for Handsy the Invisible Man after 4 Kettle One and Tonic's...he has 8 arms and will probably feel up your wife or grab some girl's tits along the way...
by B. Hanback January 18, 2009
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Some one that has to touch every thing in sight.
My brother Charlie has a handsy personality.
by Daxton$$$$$$ May 31, 2018
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So I asked the broad if she'd lick my ass and she said "No, I won't do anything that nasty, but I'm game for handsy shitties".
by HandsyScotty February 5, 2010
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