in the movies instead of "touching" each other we played handsies.
by hotk41 August 30, 2009
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Don: Did you see handsy touching all those women? SAD!

Mike: Sir, with all due respect...
by MakeAmericanGrapesAgain April 8, 2019
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An inocent way of flirting,where someone constantly hits or slaps another person's hands or quickly grabs them. Suppose to be repetitive if both people like each other. It can be like footsies, but with hands.

But, it's not always a way of flirting. Sometimes it's just something,kids or immature people do with friends or well known people, just to be silly. And sometimes, it's just a way of being silly, and might not even have a reason behind it.
Justin: "Did you see Courtni? She like tried to beat up my hands or something, and wouldn't stop hitting them! I think she's flirting!"
Tyler: "Yeah, dude! She's compley flirting! It's called handsies. You should know that by now. That's her way of saying 'Hey, I like you and I'd like to hold your hand, but I'm not going to tell you that. ' Man. "
by CauseIBeMe April 16, 2010
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Friend 1: "My boyfriend has been getting a little handsy lately"

Friend 2: "I bet he wishes he was getting more headsy though"
by Amalia Lylian March 25, 2011
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an extremly saccharine version of asking someone to hold hands together
by loquacious81 March 4, 2007
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When someone can not keep their hands to themselves. Even when they know they should.
Hawk, quit being so Handsy! This is a strip club kid, not your own personal grab-ass workshop!
by RememberSammyJankis January 29, 2018
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Awww, You look so Handsy Boy.”
“Doesn’t he look Handsy Boy?”
“He always looks Handsy Boy!”
by Bean Spider November 2, 2020
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