Slang for a hand job. A handy. A hander.
Can wait to get home, my room mate is going to give me a Hander.

Yo bitch! How much for a hander?

My balls are rocked. She gave me a rough handers.
by Eaton Holgoode March 7, 2017
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A hand job. Sexual stimulation given by somebody else, obtained through hand stimulation of the male sexual organ.
Juliet gave me a hander at the theater.
by Janic Naud May 8, 2008
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Masturbating without using your hands.
Oliver: Hey Braden guess what!
Braden: What?
Oliver: I just pulled a no hander!
Braden: AWWHH SHIT MAN tmi!!!
by the_FIRST_no_hander March 12, 2011
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When you have such a big dick that while using a urinal or peeing in the woods, you dont have to even use your hands. You have even more control over it if you can do the famed no hander, one footer; using no hands while balancing on one foot. (usually has to be a dude....but there are excetions)
-Holy poopy-mc-poop-poop, did you see jimmy just pull off that no-hander-one footer, i never thought he would be able to pull it off.

-OMG that guy prob has such a big dick that he can do a no hander
by I can do a no hander, no footer September 25, 2007
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Sometimes known as "Look Ma, no hands!"

The act of urinating without the use of hands as means of guidancing the stream of urine into the toilet.

-Males only.
By the time I reached my teenage years, I was a master of the No Hander.

Sometimes I pull a No Hander when I need to text (lol?)

The other day my No Hander went wrong and I made a huge mess in my bathroom...
by LaseRgoesPEWPEW=] April 25, 2010
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Someone who is always grabbing down there. These people are usually guys who just want to hide away and masturbate to gay porn.
Hey did you even see that guy at the party
No but he seemed like a hander
by Likeitdownthere May 19, 2014
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when a guy's dick is so long that when he's hard he can grab it with both hands and the head sticks out of the top of your hand
manson: mmmmm twiggy I love your 2 hander baby

twiggy: I wish you had a 2 hander like mine :(
by deff2258 June 19, 2009
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