A small measurement of tobacco often given to a mate to keep them going until they can get to a shop; alternatively you may give your mate a hamster after you have managed to get a bootleg 50g of golden virginia baccy. A hamster of tobacco fits snugly in the palm of a hand and thus looks a bit like the small furry mammal.
Michelle: I'd skin up mate, however i haven't got any baccy.

Sarah: That's ok mate i've got loads, I got 50g of golden vag down the nag's head. Ere you go have a hamster.
Michelle: ah cheers mate. I'll skin up.
by Sarah Sellotape September 15, 2012
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An acronym used to describe a young female who has one or more meaningless jobs. These jobs typically start with the letters H,A,M,S,T,E and R, but on some occasions may also fall outside of specified range. Said job(s) may also be the woman's elected long term vocation. Most popular HAMSTER jobs include but are not limited to the following:

H = hairstylist, hostess
A = actress, assistant
M = model, musician
S = stripper, secretary
T = technician (nail,skin, etc.), teller
E = entertainer, exotic dancer
R = receptionist, runaway

To clarify, some of these jobs can indeed be legitimate (actress, model), however a HAMSTER will falsely classify herself as one. This is an attempt to pose and create a sense of self worth that otherwise should not exist.

Josh really liked the girl, but realized there was no long term prospects due to her being a HAMSTER.

Guy: "What do you do for a living?"
Girl: "Oh mah god. I'm kinda like an actress, model, and singer. Yeah, totally"
Guy: "Wow, you're a triple HAMSTER! I gotta run."
by Nashvegas09 April 19, 2009
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A small, furry rodent. A popular household pet, the hamster comes in five different species: the Syrian hamster, the true dwarf hamsters (Campbell's Russian/Djungarian, Winter White, and Roborovski) and the Chinese dwarf hamster (which has a prehensile tail, unlike its bob-tailed counterparts). The little creatures like to store food in their cheek pouches, which can also contain plans for world domination. The hamster is nocturnal, and if it has access to a wheel, it will run all not, which can bother the owner, unless the owner has a silent wheel. Hamsters are coprophagic, which means they eat their own fecal matter. Hamsters do not belong in microwaves.
Her hamster likes to sleep, eat, poop, run, and plan for world domination.
by Supreme Baritone Goddess May 17, 2016
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