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Purposely forgetting the fat guy/girl you fu*ked the night before.
"When I woke up with that fatty snoring in my bed, I had to force myself to have hamnesia by dinnertime."
by SkipperJones March 14, 2009
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Hamnesia is similar to amnesia, but all you can think about or remember is pork and pork products. Might also lead to daydreams of frolicking with pigs or hogs.
Damn this Hamnesia, I can't stop thinking about bacon.

My Hamnesia is kicking in again; think I need to grill a pork tenderloin soon.
by Schniby February 08, 2010
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1.) When you eat so much pork, you forget momentarily that you're a fat fuck.
2.) When you've forgotten how much you've thrown your pork around.
Terry ate so much bacon that he tried to get on a kids ride at the theme park, must have been hamnesia, the fat fuck.
by The Procrastinatrix March 26, 2018
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When there is no amount of evidence, no matter how substantial, that will ever change your mind.
It was clear that Ken Ham had a serious case of hamnesia when asked the question, "What evidence, if any, would make you change your mind about your theories?" and he replied, "No amount of evidence would ever change my mind!"
by dirtydan500 March 19, 2014
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The Loss of memory suffered the morning after going HAM on a bottle of Liquor.
"Wow, Chad really went HAM last nite! He got a bad case of HAMnesia tho, cant remember a thing."
by MATEO THA MONSTER September 14, 2011
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