A Ham is a burger with no bread. A loser, a peasant, a bum with no motion and no desire or solution to make some money. Whatever you do stay away from Hams they are contagious and NEED a vaccine.
Yusuf is a ham bro, he was begging for 10$ to his cashapp for to buy a lettace wrap. He gotta get off his ass and make some bread.
by Taliburner July 17, 2022
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Used to describe the actions of a person as going hard as a motherfucker, doing the activity with the utmost vigor and determination.
That fighter went ham in the ring for the win.
by dbug217 January 12, 2011
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acronym for Hard as a motherfucker. Meaning a person is unstoppable in a competition.
Damn, Adrian Peterson went HAM last week.
by FiyaBird January 23, 2010
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An amateur radio operator. Amateur radio is an FCC-Licensed mode of Wireless RF transmission. Similar to CB radio, Amateur radio requires a license, is more geared towards public service, and the range of communications is significantly farther.
"That guy is a HAM. His call is KC9DGM"
by Matt December 6, 2003
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Hot Asian Man/Men. Can be found at beaches with out shirts. Are realted to HAW's (hot asian women). Love it when u smack that!!! <3
Damn!!! That HAM wanted me to rub sunblock all over his sexy body!!
by Krazychichi18 May 2, 2007
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