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1. A mind, physical, or combination of both, state that is the result of over indulging and lack of sleep during a night out. 2. A state that may occur when violently ill, possibly because of definition 1., or a legitimate illness. 3. A state that may occur after the “shit hammered” stage (see shit hammered).

A person who finds themselves in this state should under no circumstances operate heavy machinery, vehicles of any type, firearms, explosives, small children, the elderly, the disabled, business meetings, bathing, feeding one self (chance of ingesting a dodgy doner kebab), bowels movements (chance of soiling one self), dressing, french poodles, a professional kick boxing match, and generally any task that involves coherent thought and/or co-ordination.
After Jason spent all night drinking and spending time in the arms of a promiscuous woman, he realised that he had nothing to look forward to at work accept a day of feeling like hammered shit.
by Jason Foster February 24, 2005
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Infantry slang for splattered guts, or blown to bloody pieces, to include intestines, bowel, and stomach contents.
Those raghead fucks launched a mortar over the wall and blew Private Smith (someone's precious baby) into hammered shit.
by Staff Sergeant Schultze December 09, 2005
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Ugly. Most God awfull ugly one can imagine
I remember when she was the prom queen. After 5 years on her back, paying for crystal meth she is ugly as hammered shit
by robvic62b December 21, 2005
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