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Something done poorly, a bad job, a rushed task the person could have done better at.
I told him to clean his room and he did a halfass job!
by The Anonymous1 February 09, 2004
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To do something with little effort.
Not completely done.
Poorly done.
Little or no effort is used in the job/activity.
"Why did you do a half ass job cleaning your room? There are dirty clothes under your bed."

1: "How did you get a 57% on that essay? It was easy."
2: "I did a half ass job writing it."
by casey11 July 23, 2007
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(adj). Something incomplete or downright lame, disappointing in its partial quality. Often a task given to a teenage student is done in a half-ass manner.
You are an hour late and telling me you couldn't get a cab? That's a half-ass excuse!
by Sasha Henke February 02, 2006
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The act of doing something without motivation or care as to the quality of the object at hand. To not give a shit.
Jon: "Damn we have a paper due tommorow?"

Chris: "Dude, don't fucking half-ass that shit."
by Cali4niaBreez October 04, 2005
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