Something done poorly, a bad job, a rushed task the person could have done better at.
I told him to clean his room and he did a halfass job!
by The Anonymous1 February 9, 2004
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1) Poorly or incompetently done; lackluster or half-hearted.

2) Lacking energy, resolve, commitment, or effort; irresponsibly or jury-rigged
Chad:Why wont this damned cell phone work?
Todd: Because the ISP is doing their job halfassed.
by coyo February 16, 2012
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A Condition resulting in or involving doing everything half ass.
I swear my son got his halfassism from his dad. It must be genetic!
by 3 Sunshines April 26, 2016
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What a parent says when you do your chore completely perfect or completely shitty
You halfassed your bathroom
by TylerMas0n January 16, 2017
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One of many projects that started with great intentions and visions of grandeur , that have become halfass-terpiece quality
My wife doesn't even go in the basement anymore because it reminds her of any number halfass-terpiece ,creations await her.
by Tex in affect March 3, 2018
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Used to describe a situation that makes no sense at all.
Used to describe something that was completed halfass and completely backwards.

Also, a BLoG created by Ego.
The world is such a Halfass Backwards place that I choose to visit for a good laugh.
by April 21, 2009
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