A person of both white and black origin. Often it is difficult them to determine if they are truly black or white, and may in fact belong to a third super-race.
Nate: Dude you suck at this game.
Mason: Shut the hell up, you're only half black.
Nate: Fuck you.
by Shane Carroll May 31, 2008
A state of extreme inebriation leading to public embarrassment of one's self and one's friends.

Derived from the historical incidents involving mixed African-American and white people in the United States where neither race would claim their membership. In this case, no one will claim someone who is half black drunk.
"I just got back from the liquor store with a handle of whiskey and some peach schnapps. My girlfriend's going to be so pissed when she sees me half black tonight."
by Rick Goddard May 6, 2010
When someone is a race other than black, but happens to be particularly well endowed down under.
Amanda: How was Luke last night?
Emma: Oh my God. It turns out he had half black syndrome. What a wonderful surprise.
Amanda: That white boy has game.
by BlackMagic69 July 14, 2010
Someone who is half black or African American and half something else. Nicknames for someone who is half black include mulatto (half black and half white), blasian (half black and half Asian), blaxican (half black and half Mexican), blican (half black and half Puerto Rican), blindian / dougla (half black and half East Indian).
Andrea: My dad is Nigerian and my mom is Chinese, I’m half black and half Asian.
by nutella137 February 21, 2021
The yet to be made BET version of Two And A Half Men.
After Tyler Perry's house of baby momma's we got Two And A Half Black People!
"Chorus Intro": Recently Paroled Two Black Men, Men. Black Men Black Men, Black Men, Ohhh ohhh ooohh ohhh. Black Men, Black Men, Black Men, CHICKEN!
Deshawn: Man, you gotta stop sleepin wit all dos women man!
Dequan: Man, Fried Chicken!
(Tyler Perry enters the room does the dougie, then leaves)
Both Dequan and Deshawn: Ho de do ho de do!
by BitBootiedBitches June 28, 2011
One of the farce Harry Potter novels. Harry Potter finds a book written by the Half-Black Prince, who is none other than Barack Obama. At first, Harry learns many interesting things from the book, like about Hope. His friends tell him to throw it away because it contains occasional sentences like "I am a Muslim and support terrorists" and "I want to become leader of the Fourth Reich in America"
This books leads up to the point where Harry will do battle with the anti-christ (Obama) and destroy him.
Person 1: Yo I read this book called Harry Potter and the Half-Black Prince and told me all about how the government was behind conspiracies such as the faked moon landing and 9/11!!"
Person 2: "Ya, man it was printed into a book, so it must be true. Stick a crucifix right through his heart! Anarchy! Anarchy!"
by dsbhjsdbhsdfhb October 21, 2009
Kid1: Both my parents are new zealand born Europeans.

Kid2: My father is Maori and my mother is English.

by RUDE-BUT-FAMOUS September 4, 2021