1. A chamak is a piece of slang exclusive to Dubai. A chamak is a person part of a gang who all hang out in their obnoxious rich fuckboy homes (district one) or (arabian ranches) or, more often, the mirdif parking lots threatening to beat someone. They often post snapchat stories of them all juuling or driving in their jeep.

i. they are most commonly dressed in the kandura or supreme and other hypebeast brands found with an

airpod in one air and a baseball cap

2. Chamak can also be used to describe a fake arab, who really is an indian chavvy but manages to complete all the acts above

ii. female chamaks dress very sluttish or again in hypebeast brands. (Airpods) they are the first to get drunk and they juul more than anyone else in the group. they are treated as whores but occasionally speak some sense.
"you're such a chamak"

"there was a gang of chamaks in MCC yesterday, almost got jumped"
by chavvbabes May 21, 2019
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Word used to describe a fuckboy in places like grass area, moe rooftop, mirdif sign and uptown park.
"Yo that guy's such a wannabe chamak"
by grassareappl April 27, 2018
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Originated from the Baluchi language, Chamaki means trouble makers.

It can be loosely used as a derogatory term, describing a type of young people who strive for attention and personal verification by being violent, disrespectful and disruptive. Mainly used in the UAE.
by Bob Dean February 11, 2020
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The group of people who upload a saying in arabic and say control after it , blasting loud music , Also defines the people who sit in their nissan petrol on the weekends going around places throwing their snapchats out of the window
Dude hamood bilal is such a chamak “he smoked dokha using his dads asshole”
by Hamoodbilalyabnelkalb December 10, 2018
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A chamak is someone in a squad of hypebeasts who do stupid shit all the time and act retarded
Pulling up to a car parking lot with arab boys in a nissan super safari and jumping people in JBR- Chamak
by Chamak June 2, 2018
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Chamak means the obayh thats in ski dubai (+dubai) and sharjah, if youre dealing with those any fevers i think you should see a doctor ill give an example of this disease (dancing in chamaky clubs, listing to obayh music,hold vape, put simpsons edits in youre story, act depressed, (etc), anyways please stop doing those shits because its not gonna make you feel beter 7bibi so stop please
Guy2: (dancing chamaky dance)
Girl;ya3 yal chamaky
by Omg chamaky September 29, 2019
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A Dubai slang for wannabes wearing designer with airpods in 1 ear, mainly spotted rolling in famous chamak cars (2nd hand Lexus LS/IS) with cheap mods from sharjah while posting snapchat stories of themselves.
"Bro, stop being a chamak & get yourself a decent dress."
"There is a duo of chamaks seen coming across all the way from sharjah."
" Found a gang sitting around Lexus IS/LS pretending to be a baller here, chamak alert guys"
by HassanBinTalal June 12, 2020
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