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1. A religious official.
2. A leader of an Arab family or village.
3. Used as a form of address for such an official/leader.
The Sheikh of United Arab Emirates is visiting USA tomorrow.
by Janis Matthews May 24, 2006
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A hot Arab looking girl who's father might be rich
Guy 1: Yo look at that hot Sheikh girl with that Gucci bag

Guy 2: Probably got that bag with her daddy's black card. I'd tap that girl though.
by mynameiskeriimsoveryflyohmyits January 28, 2011
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Sheikh is an annoying dickhead who will piss of the around him a lot, but he is always there for his friends when he needs them.
Wow, I can't believe Sheikh, what a wasteman.
by Michael O'Neill February 05, 2017
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