1. A religious official.
2. A leader of an Arab family or village.
3. Used as a form of address for such an official/leader.
The Sheikh of United Arab Emirates is visiting USA tomorrow.
by Janis Matthews May 25, 2006
A hot Arab looking girl who's father might be rich
Guy 1: Yo look at that hot Sheikh girl with that Gucci bag

Guy 2: Probably got that bag with her daddy's black card. I'd tap that girl though.
by mynameiskeriimsoveryflyohmyits January 29, 2011
An absolute brown town Dubai duster. Probably smells like goat and gets called autistic. Likes 8 yr old girls even though it’s haram and against his religion. Eats goat and engages in sexual intercourse with camels. Suffocates on hijabs.
That guy smells so bad and is high on the autism spectrum.

He’s probably sheikh
by Arab guy December 18, 2018
a girl full of love, and bunches of friends. she will lighten the mood of anyone. she might think she is lower then everyone occasionally but really she is the person whose on top. she is the truly, only, friend
rozina sheikh is the one only girl
by prince/princess September 12, 2011
A you-tuber that's known for making vlogs, rants, and skits. He considers himself Bengali instead of Bangladeshi. Also a collaborated with celebrity Adam Saleh. But he kicked him out for money.
Bengali Boy: Do you know Sheikh Akbar?
Pakistani Boy: Isn't he the one who made the EPIC DANCE BATTLE videos?
Bengali Boy: Yes.
Pakistani Boy: Then I do watch his videos.
by qbkbrown March 21, 2017
Either a person that cannot complete education at a 6th form.
Has no swag.
Is a bitch.
Cannot play football.
Hey look at that guy in his shit trainers, he's an Ussi Sheikh
by therealdeal10 December 12, 2011