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Halal is an arabic word means Divinely allowed, halal meat is the meat of an animal or a bird that was slaughtered according to Islamic teachings. Islamic slaughter involves many things to ensure humane treatment of the animal. First, feeding the animal and giving it water & shade during the days of preparation, out of mercy, so that it does not hunger or thirst. Then, separating it from all the other animals during the slaughter, so that they don't see each other. Then directing it to face the Kaaba in Macca, hiding the knife all the time from it, while saying "In the name of Allah, Allah is the greatest" and slaughtering it rapidly with a very sharp knife. The cut must sever the Carotid arteries, the Jugular veins, and also the oesophagus and the trachea, and stop only at the vertebral column in a single, rapid & very deep act. This method ensures many things, first, that the animals do not see any act of slaughter to other animals, and the animal to be slaughtered itself is not aware it is being prepared for slaughter, so it is not frightened and stays calm. Once the knife touches and cuts the carotids, it loses consciousness, and that's why the knife has to be sharp, to reach and cut the carotids rapidly. The spinal cord is not cut, so it keeps discharging automatic impulses to the body muscles to contract even after the animal loses all awareness, this pumps all the animal's blood outside its body through the great vessels, which is hygienic as it leaves the meat bloodless.

The claim that the animal suffers is debatable because of two physiological mechanisms; Vasovagal syncope occurs if the carotid sheath is traumatized which is enough to cause immediate blackout, and Brain Ischemia which occurs when blood ceases to flow to the brain, also causing the creature to pass out almost instantaneously, and when this ischemia continues, brain death ensues, without a functioning "Sensory system" to perceive this alleged pain.

So in the end, the animal passes out and dies in peace leaving hygienic meat.
Is this halal meat ?
Yes, can't you see it has no blood ?! I bought it from a halal food store.
by Sameh Haggag May 29, 2007
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Meat that comes from inhumanely killed animals in accordance with Islam. The process involves a single cut to the animals throat and as result the animal is left to bleed to death. Hygenic methods for preparing and keeping raw meat seem to be abandoned in most cases as the animal is blessed prior to slaughter and therefore appears to make it immune to any contamination. The Farm Animal Welfare Council (FAWC), which advises the government on how to avoid cruelty to livestock, called for Halal meat to be banned in 2003 because the way it is produced causes severe suffering to animals. This plea to bring an end to a cruel and archaic custom caused the Muslim community to argue that is wasn't about the meat but another excuse to attack their way of life and that Halal slaughter is a long established practice. Although hanging was a long established practice in Britain at one time it was banned because we all wish to move away from medieval barbarity and into the 21st century.
Halal meat comes from the inhumane slaughter of animals.

Muslim: 'This is just an another excuse to attack our way of life. This is a long established custom.'

'Oh right. Let's bring back hanging and beheading then, they were long established customs too.'
by jack.t.ripper March 21, 2007
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(Noun) A Muslim's penis. It is usually circomsized and hairy.
Also related to the Kosher Meat which is a Jewish penis.
Bob: What do you call a Muslim's penis?

Ahmet: Vat?

Bob: Halal Meat !

Ahmet: >:|
by Kn-og November 26, 2009
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