Down-DownTwoards-Forward + Punch

In a nut shell it's a fireball, however it's not so much fire as it is ki.
He was hit by a hadoken and know he's dead.
by sir December 17, 2003
Hadouken! can be applied to one of the following;

a) a new rave band based in London.
b) a fire-ball like move from the game street fighter 2, probably the most famous computer game move EVER.
a) E.G myspace.
by Gangster Jim yo January 24, 2007
1. Literally meaning surge fist in Japanese. A special attack in the game Street Fighter. It's a ki blast and can be executed by pressing down, downright, right, punch. It's a move that most shotos have.

2. What they call me cause I'm DOWN-RIGHT FIERCE
Ryu: Hadouken
by HerdBerd June 8, 2009
Very very very cool and also awesome band from Leeds.
Members: James, Alice, Nick, Chris, Pilau

They are also Xtremely good live.
1: I am going to see Hadouken! tonight! Yeah!
2: ok.
by Hadouken!Fan May 13, 2008
The act of having unprotected sex and, without warning the partner, screaming "HADOUKEN!" during the moment of climax.
Her: "Oh yeah, baby, cum with me now!"
Him: "I've almost reached my limit!"
Her: "I'm cu-"
Him: "HADOUKEN!!!"
Her: *Punches him in the balls* "You jackass!"
Him: "lol, ow..."
by Ryu-sensei November 5, 2011
A) Literally "wave motion fist," the hadouken is a special move utilized by the likes of Ryu, Ken Masters, Akuma, Sakura Kasugano, and Gouken. It is executed through channeling the ki into your fists and releasing it into a ball of energy from there. Dan Hibiki has a weaker variant of this move, called the Gadouken, literally "self taught fist." QCF+P!

B) Some lame rock band from England that couldn't come up with an original name.
a) Spam Hadoukens, Win Game


Ken: Hi, Ryu!


b) Don: There's a band named "Hadouken?" That's sweet!

Belle: Hell no, that's lame. I suppose now there'll be other bands called "Shoryuken!" or "I'dLikeSomePoundCake!" or however the hell that last one is pronounced.
by Jack Spearow May 5, 2010